The Gift of Time: Why You Should Recruit Executives Months Before Christmas

The Christmas/holiday season is a time of celebration, reflection, and planning for the year ahead. It’s also a time when many businesses put recruitment on hold, thinking that the best talent is not actively looking for opportunities. However, there’s a compelling case to be made for recruiting executives months before Christmas instead of waiting until the new year. In this blog, I will explore the importance of this proactive approach and the many benefits it can bring to your organisation.

  1. Avoiding the Talent Rush

Waiting until the new year to start executive recruitment often leads to fierce competition for top talent. As businesses across industries kick off their hiring processes simultaneously, you’re more likely to end up in a crowded marketplace. In contrast, by initiating your search before the holiday season, you can tap into a less saturated talent pool, increasing your chances of securing the ideal executive for your organisation.

  1. Allowing for a Comprehensive Search

Recruiting executives is not a task that should be rushed. Finding the right fit for your company requires thorough research, meticulous vetting, and multiple rounds of interviews. By beginning the process months before Christmas, you grant your recruiter or team the time needed to conduct a comprehensive search. This approach ensures that you consider a broader range of candidates, resulting in a better hiring decision.

  1. Building Relationships and Trust

Recruitment is not solely about finding the right qualifications; it’s also about establishing trust and building strong relationships. Initiating your executive search well in advance of the holiday season allows for a more leisurely and personal interaction with potential candidates. This extra time fosters rapport, increasing the chances that candidates will view your organisation positively and be more committed to your mission.

  1. Accommodating Notice Periods

Many top-level executives have significant notice periods in their current roles, sometimes extending several months. By starting the recruitment process early, you can align the candidate’s transition into your organisation with their current employment’s end date. This minimises any disruptions, ensures a smoother onboarding process, and demonstrates respect for the candidate’s professional obligations.

  1. Reflecting Your Commitment to Growth

Initiating executive recruitment before Christmas showcases your company’s commitment to growth and improvement. Potential candidates will see this proactive approach as a sign of a forward-thinking organisation that invests in its future success. This message can be a powerful recruitment tool, attracting top talent that shares your vision for success.

  1. Avoiding the January Hiring Blues

Starting the executive recruitment process before Christmas can help you avoid the January hiring blues that many companies face. After the holiday season, there’s often a surge of job seekers in the market, resulting in an influx of resumes and increased competition. By having already established your connection with potential candidates, you can bypass this frenzy and make offers quickly.

Recruiting executives months before Christmas instead of waiting until the new year is a strategic move that can provide your organisation with a competitive edge. By avoiding the talent rush, conducting a comprehensive search, and building strong relationships, you increase your chances of securing top-level talent that aligns with your company’s goals. Furthermore, accommodating notice periods and showcasing your commitment to growth can set a positive tone for the candidate’s journey with your organisation. So, this holiday season, consider the gift of time, and begin your executive recruitment process early to ensure a prosperous new year for your company.

Eva Grabner
Managing Director

Elite Executive Pty Ltd

Cairns | Brisbane