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Posted By: Eva Grabner | on June 9 2015

What are you worth?

I am finding more and more candidates underselling themselves. Be it due to desperation or not knowing their market worth.

Why is this happening? Why do some candidates undervalue and underprice their worth? Are interviewers bulldozing candidates into accepting less? Are more people new to the job market after a number of years in one role, therefore, unfamiliar with the ‘lay of the land’? Is this the first time some people haven’t been headhunted for a job?

I actually dread the thought of the number of candidates going directly to employers and underselling themselves. Recently I recruited a senior role for a client and scheduled a number of interviews with highly qualified candidates. One of whom was asking for far less than he was worth. When I questioned this, he claimed that this was the ‘advice’ he had been given during his search for employment as the market had changed. This is possibly a whole other blog topic, but to cut a long story short, with my guidance, this candidate went on to secure a role with a salary commensurate with his experience.

What I enjoy most about what I do is that I know what the market rate is, whether it be city based or not. A lot of factors are taken into consideration when a salary is offered. Is it a remote location? Are housing prices cheaper? Is the standard of living better? Are there large or small businesses predominately in the region to impact the market rate of any particular skill set?

Using these facts, along with my experience in placing people throughout Australia, I am then able to give both my clients and my candidates a realistic expectation when it comes to their true market value. I want my clients to feel that they have an employee that will add value to the business but I also want to place a candidate that feels valued and is remunerated at the market rate (at least).

Are you unsure as to what you should be paid or what you should be paying your employees? There are many salary guides available that are issued annually from some of the world’s top recruitment firms. Your recruiter would be happy to help I’m sure. I sure would! Feel free to call or email.

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