No matter what level you are at in your career, a professional resume is of paramount importance. Each and every role advertised can have hundreds of applications and if your resume does not stand out, then you will not be contacted. With over 50 years combined experience in the Recruitment and Human Resources industries, Elite Executive can provide you with a professional resume writing service based on up-to-date knowledge and expertise of the industry.

Cover Letters

Despite the digital age in technology, your cover letter means more now than ever. As an introduction to a company and opportunity to make a first impression, Elite Executives experts can write your cover letter. We know what works, and what doesn’t to ensure your application makes the cut. Accompanied by a stand out resume, get ready for that interview!

Career Advice

Our consultants are highly trained and experienced professionals who are in touch with current career trends and the future of the workforce. Working with you one-on-one, our expertise in workforce development, leadership, executive coaching and entrepreneurship enables us to provide targeted and thoughtful strategy and guidance to support your career.


LinkedIn supports professional networking, connecting, and job searching. Having a profile on LinkedIn enhances your chances of being found by prospective employers, provides an additional channel to share your experiences and capabilities, and provides another form of verification of past employment. Let us assist you in optimising your LinkedIn profile to support that killer resume and your next job application!

Selection Criteria

Do you meet the selection criteria but not sure how to address it? Matching the requirements of the job and organisation can be harder than you think. Articulating your experiences, skills and examples will not only provide the recruiter with clear information on suitability, it also showcases your capability and potential benefit to the hiring employer. Let us work with you to nail that selection criteria and secure you a chair in that interview room!

Interview Prep

Obtaining an interview is only the first step. Once in the door, you need to be prepared both physically and mentally to impress. Whether it be with a recruiter or an employer, you need to be professional and most importantly, stand out in their minds. Our 1hr interview coaching and preparation sessions provide you with the techniques, knowledge and confidence you need to secure that role!

Salary Guide

Elite Executive offer professional insight into the latest starting salaries, benefits, perks and hiring trends across a wide range of professions and industries. Our consultants provide you a detailed report tailored to your needs outlining the latest trends in hiring and compensation, in-demand positions and skills, salary comparison analysis by city and across a variety of industries.

Your exciting new career is waiting ahead

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