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Posted By: Eva Grabner | on October 22 2019

Executive Recruitment Australia

In terms of technical and executive recruitment in Australia and for C-suite recruitment in Australia, there exists an expanding market that can provide opportunities in engineering, the mining industry, government and other major industries. The growing market in Australia brings with it a challenge, that is selecting the right candidate for a role within your organization.

While looking to recruit talented employees in Australia, an individual must be eager to seek out certain traits that go beyond what was learned in school: leadership, deep industry knowledge, ability to adapt, tenacity and a personality that drives work rather than waits for it. The recruiter therefore must look for these traits in a candidate when searching, and in Australia currently this can be a tedious task. Who can help fill employment role in your Australian firm with the ideal candidate? You can probably do it yourself (DIY), but there is a lot more to it than you think.

Executive and leadership recruitment

It is especially important when recruiting for an executive position or a C-Suite role, that a firm consider an individual who can bring a compelling vision and some thought leadership to the organization. There are many questions to consider up front which will lead you in the right direction for a decision and will save you from headaches (inner turmoil, lawsuits, a toxic culture) later.

Leadership recruitment and executive search in Australia today requires serious attention to detail. When recruiting for a leader, the demands from the company are high. A leader cannot simply be a technical expert or really good at her job, but must be an individual who can capture the vision of the company in her own words and inspire others to follow that vision.

Bullying and highly aggressive management styles are still apparent, but just because a senior manager can get his way, does not demonstrate leadership. Individuals who can make the most impact are those who have an ability to go beyond the basic methods of management and reach into progressive leadership styles, including methods with a focus on decision-making, collaboration and transparent management.

Recruitment for the C-Suite in Australia isn’t your average hiring process rather it requires a more sophisticated approach. The first and most important part of executive recruitment Australia is to do a research and craft out the perfect recruitment description to fit the needs.

While this might seem like an obvious statement, many firms do not take time and due diligence when hiring for these roles. Sometimes the hiring manager or company owner may opt to hire someone they know and like, an individual that appears to know everything or an executive for higher on LinkedIn. While these all may have their merits, they may not get to the level of detail which is required to effectively hire an executive in your company. Ending up with the wrong candidate can lead to an experience that will be unpleasant and cost your company thousands if not millions of dollars. We know from the experiences we have witnessed and our experienced staff that many companies in Australia do not take their recruitment process as seriously as they should.

Passive recruitment Australia

While some statistics may indicate that 85% of the employed people in Australia are open to moving to a new job, many job offerings for ideal opportunities are posted passively. There is very little active search from professionals and business owners in the market, despite an increase in demand for skilled workers. Individuals may be open to new opportunities but may not be getting the right message or motivation to change roles. The key therefore is to engage in more active outreach to potential candidates, both in Australia and outside Australia. Consistent and effective outreach can be the key that brings in an outstanding candidate as opposed to a good candidate.