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Posted By: Chris O'Sullivan | on October 18 2018

Your relationship with a Recruiter – how it should be

In general, we are more familiar with relationships such as those with our friends, family and colleagues. Relationships are crucial to our survival and generally, to our happiness. We maintain friendships, marriages, family relationships, etc.

At work, relationships are critical to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome for the greater good of the organisation or to achieve a common defined organisational goal.

As a recruiter, our job is to generate and fill vacancies from employers. To interview and place candidates into permanent, contract, temporary or casual employment. Ultimately, the responsibility of a recruiter is to ensure a company attracts, hires and retains the best employees.

As recruiters we form and maintain close relationships with employers to make sure we know their business and the roles that they need to fill. We work closely to take an accurate job brief and source applicants that match both the skills, and the organisational fit.

We actively search for candidates that are not on the active job market. We use our industry knowledge and networks to stay abreast of changes within our capabilities. Another aspect of our role is to maintain and develop relationships with applicants or candidates. As recruiters, we want to not only understand their skills and experience, we want to understand their motivators and drivers they are seeking in their next role.

Luckily, we are fortunate to work in a dynamic and constantly changing industry, that gives us the scope to constantly meet different types of people and to foster a professional relationship with them. Both being equally important.

Recently I googled the, “traits of a successful relationship” and this is what came up in my search;

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Happiness
  • Compromise
  • Safety

The list goes on… however, I think you have the general idea.

When looking at the above list, it’s easy to see that your relationship with your recruiter is based on the same expectations, just like any other relationship. It is our job to carefully match both sides of the recruiting process. We can only achieve this based on the traits above. With trust, honesty, open communication and certainty. We want to hear both the positive and the negative of the role, the organisation and the team. This will give us far better clarity around the type of person that would best suit your business. We give a commitment that we will source the best candidates and best employers for your needs. As a recruiter, we will treat you with respect and give you absolute discretion and confidentiality.

It is critical to our success, and yours, whether you are an employer or an applicant, that we know everything. The good, the bad and the ugly! We act on your behalf, we are your specialists. We are in YOUR corner!

Recruiting is a delicate balance between both parties, our job is to be the negotiator in between, because we are the specialists. Be honest and truthful with us, and we will act with your very best interests at heart and get the best possible outcome for YOU.


Michelle Traill

Recruitment Consultant

Elite Executive

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