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Elite Executive excels at finding the senior leaders and executives your business needs. We have built strong relationships across key industries, which means we know where to source the best talent for your business requirements. Our impressive track record of recruiting top executives successfully and consistently is simply undeniable.

How do we do it? By focusing on our clients. We get to know the unique goals and needs of your organisation and then our best-in-class team leverages our vast network of high-performing candidates to help you choose the best fit for your business. Our experienced team and detailed process will save your company time and minimise organisational risk, as we capture critical elements that are often overlooked with internal recruitment.

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We know that all organisations require an effective leadership team at the top. The complicated challenge of finding senior level executives is best met with the support of a firm with a proven track record of success.  We work closely with our clients to enable us to really tell their story, to know what it is like to be part of high performing teams and to be an ambassador for our clients when speaking with prospective candidates.

The responsibility of conducting an executive search for a senior-level management position is never taken lightly.   In-depth sector experience combined with a unique approach to talent acquisition allows us to build winning relationships with both clients and candidates.

Nothing is more important in the hiring process than ensuring fit. What differentiates Elite Executive and translates into meaningful benefits for our clients is how we ensure ‘fit’.  Underpinning the outcomes of a successful executive hire is understanding the client’s journey and story and ensuring, there is cultural, leadership, team, performance and integration fit.

When assessing leaders, the objective is to be able to identify those who can lead now, as well as those who have future leadership potential.

Elite Executive understands that you’re not simply looking to fill a vacancy with an executive search firm, but rather, you’re looking for a leader who can help take your company to its desired future state. You’re ultimately looking to solve a business problem with an extraordinary hire. We come alongside you to figure out what that looks like, and then we go find that perfect-fit leader, wherever in the world they might be. And we do that with a level of speed and precision that no other retained search firm can match.

We help you find leaders who fit your culture and we show you both the skillset and the mindset that your candidates need to make the cut, so you can pick from the best in the market.


When you need seasonal, project-based or other temporary staffing support, Elite Executive can help! Our experienced contracting specialists nurture an active and deep candidate network, which allows them to rapidly attract, source and access talent on demand. Contract recruiting can also be a good way to evaluate fit before making a longer-term commitment.

Just like our approach to Executive Recruitment, we work very closely with both our clients and candidates to understand the requirements of the role. Thus, we ensure every professional that we submit has the skills and personal attributes needed to be successful, so your organisation can keep moving forward.

Flexible staffing solutions include: short-term, long-term, consulting, temporary-to-full-time, per diem, and freelance/contract assignments.

Elite Executive can also handle candidate on-boarding as well as the ongoing process of managing time off, absences, compensation and other assignment-related details over the length of the engagement. Whatever your needs, we can deliver to suit.

“Past bad hires have cost my company well over $100 million”,   Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh”

Customised Recruitment Options

If your organisation doesn’t need the full end-to-end support we’re known for, we may still be able to support you with tailored service based on your specific needs. Elite Executive’s expert consultants can support you with any of the following:

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  • check_circle_outline Development of Position Descriptions
  • check_circle_outline Database search
  • check_circle_outline Advertising
  • check_circle_outline Resume screening
  • check_circle_outline Candidate phone screening
  • check_circle_outline Shortlisting
  • check_circle_outline Interviews
  • check_circle_outline Interview questions
  • check_circle_outline Reference checking
  • check_circle_outline Language Assessments
  • check_circle_outline Psychometric Assessments
  • check_circle_outline Background Checks
  • check_circle_outline Pre-employment Medical Assessments
  • check_circle_outline Communications to unsuccessful applicants
  • check_circle_outline Talent Management
  • check_circle_outline Performance Management


In addition to our recruiting services, Elite Executive also offers a high standard of personalised Human Resources consulting services. Call on us when you want to free up internal resources and focus on business as usual, or when you have a special need. Tailored to suit your business needs, our Human Resource consultations can help to bridge the gap!


Ready to work with the best? Whether you’re searching for a new team member or are a top-performer who would like to be added to our candidate network, we’d love to get to know you.

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