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Posted By: Chris O'Sullivan | on July 17 2019

Synergy – Essential In Today’s Workplace

‘Synergy’, as defined by world renowned author of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr Stephen R. Covey, ‘is the habit of creative cooperation.  The underlying principle of which is – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’

The need for synergy in this modern age of work is ever more increasing.  Place up to four generations in any given team, add a healthy mix of cultural and gender diversity and you have a prize recipe for miscommunication! The proof is in the pudding.  Take the time out of your hectic schedule to at least consider (let alone address), what you, your team, your organisation and your customers see as a result of this incredible mix of humanity.

Are you being called upon to ‘put out fires’ on a regular basis? Are you by default the designated peacemaker or counsellor for your team? Do you feel that you are constantly called away from your work to attend to matters that you feel that others could handle themselves? Do you feel overburdened or alternatively see your skills going to waste? All of these are a result of lack of synergy in the workplace.

The results of synergy in the workplace are outstanding and self-perpetuating. By learning to value and celebrate each other’s differences, by having ‘co-operative conversations’ whereby group members look to each other and recognise each individuals unique set of skills, you can bring your team together in a positive and lasting way – where miscommunication is a thing of the past.

Synergy in the workplace can provide innovation and invention, new and better solutions, transformed relationships leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives.

Synergy is to be cultivated and celebrated. It requires energy, collaboration, high standards, an open mind and a sense of humour from all.

Leadership Management Australasia’s Executive Chairman, Grant Sexton, identified a number of years ago; ‘Managers need to invest time to identify the generations that exist within their workplace, explore what drives effective relationships and look for ways to bring generations closer’.  Substitute ‘generations’ in that quote for ‘diversity’ and you have the core ingredient for synergy.

How narrow focused is your recruitment strategy?  Is your onboarding program inclusive? Does your reward and recognition program connect well with your team members and would it be attractive for potential team members? Reflecting on these key points is a great place to start if you haven’t already considered team diversity in your business. Acting in collaboration with your team to address any shortfalls or opportunities identified is even better!


Alison Hucks

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Elite Executive