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Posted By: Eva Grabner | on December 11 2015

Look to the future but learn from the past: the first year of Elite Executive

Elite Executive is one year old in January and although I have run my own business for nearly four years now, Elite is my baby, my responsibility 100%, and my dream. As I look back on 2015 I realize that this year has changed me both professionally and personally in more ways than I realized.

Starting your own business is a huge step, it takes guts, determination but most of all commitment. You have to believe in what you are doing and what you are offering clients. For me, that was the easy part. When I decided to operate my own business I wanted to offer my clients more. I wanted them to feel that they were partnering with a professional who would give them 100%, someone that goes above and beyond and through consistent results, becomes a key partner of their business.

In this ever-changing economy I have seen businesses of all sizes fall by the wayside or get stronger depending on how they responded to the many challenges facing them. I believe if you keep your eyes and ears open to what your clients’ needs are, and adapt accordingly, you will thrive.

So, what have I accomplished in 2015? I think the biggest thing has to be juggling being a solo parent and running a business. My hours are not what they used to be, so I have had to learn (very quickly) to be extremely productive in the time that I do have.

Secondly, I have a team! Yes, I have two amazing women who I work with and who are HR/IR and training wizards. They run the HR Consulting side of the business, offering personalized HR solutions to SME’s. We have many satisfied clients and many more starting with us in the New Year. Of this, I am extremely proud.

Thirdly, I was nominated for an award and made it to the finals. That’s an accomplishment; one that I shouldn’t forget on those hard days. Considering the award came barely 6 months into the life of Elite Executive, I am very honoured and proud that I was nominated.

Lastly, I am still in business! Yes, that’s something to be proud of. Many people struggle through each day, wishing and hoping for more and I have to admit there are days I do that too. However, when I look back on what I have done this year, I am happy with the progress I have made. My business is thriving, my clients are happy and I have a growing reputation in the industry as an executive recruiter who delivers top talent.

So, 2016, bring it on! I am ready, I am eager and I am very excited!

Happy New Year to you all and here’s to continued business success.

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