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Connecting Executives. Transforming Organisations.

Organisations of every size and sector depend on talented individuals, teams and leaders to realise their success. Elite Executive’s specialisation is in the partnerships that we develop to address that need. We form strong relationships with leaders seeking their next opportunity and we help our clients to recruit, develop and retain the best leadership teams.

Our team of specialists have over 50 years’ experience in recruiting senior executives into businesses and organisations varying in size, structure and maturity. Whether that is commercial, public or not-for-profit we draw on our experience ensuring successful outcomes for all.

We have a network of the most talented individuals in the many niche industries that we serve. We are committed to long-term relationships and finding the right leaders for your business whilst being assured that your company is getting the strongest endorsement as an employer of choice.

Whether you need permanent, project or contract support, we are here to help. Our experienced team nurture an active and deep candidate network which allows us to rapidly attract, source and access talent globally.

We work alongside our clients, developing long term professional relationships which enable us to really tell their story. To know what it is like to be a part of a high performing team and to endorse our clients as employers of choice when speaking with prospective candidates. Through this understanding of our client’s journey we are better able to find that leader who is a cultural, leadership, team, performance and integration fit.

We consistently personalise our client outcomes and deliver a powerful experience for every candidate, which in turn energizes and magnifies the conversations, ideas and relationship that help lead to successful outcomes for both our clients and candidates.

~ Eva Grabner, Managing Director

Elite Executive is a leading executive recruitment and search company. We specialise in the executive recruitment of permanent, contract and temporary positions across a wide range of industries around the globe. We serve clients of all sizes and have worked with small and medium-sized businesses, local and state government agencies, as well as large multi-nationals.


Our executive placement experts find leaders who are as distinctive as the organisations they serve.


Proud to be uncompromising, spirited, intelligent, and accountable to the core

Eva Grabner
Managing Director

Eva has been working in the executive and professional recruitment industry for over a decade. She is a highly professional and passionate Managing Director with a wealth of recruitment experience across commercial, health, resources, aviation, local government, not for profit, tourism and education industries. Her previous experience includes over 20 years in executive leadership and senior management-level operational roles throughout the world. What stands out as soon as you meet her is her passion for what she does. She will spend the time getting to know you and genuinely has an interest in assisting you in finding the right candidate.



The Elite Executive Difference


You could say it’s our specialty. It’s what we do every day. That means when it is time to recruit senior corporate or specialist roles, you will have experts in both national and international recruitment with the most networked, knowledgeable team at your service.


Confidentiality is one of our key values. Which means we closely guard the confidentiality of clients and candidates, alike.  All information is carefully handled and is limited to those directly involved in the interview and selection process.


When you need the best, we’ll help you get it. Our specialised expertise and ability to focus deeply in a target market and/or geographic sector provides you with the best possible results in a shorter period of time.


You don’t just want great candidates, you want the best candidate for your organisation. We want to get to know you, that is why we encourage clients to express candidly any sensitivity or considerations which might affect a search. We believe it is important to facilitate understanding and realistic expectations, as well as create the best opportunity for success.


Mutual interest is just the start for us. Once mutual interest between client and candidate has been established we commence reference checks. All reference reports will be provided in time to facilitate your review before extending any offers. Candidate confidentiality is important to us and we therefore strongly encourage reference checks be conducted only when mutual consent has occurred and at the appropriate time in the recruitment process.


At Elite Executive, our priority rests in ensuring our clients are 100% satisfied. We source and introduce you to the best candidates available for your opening and organisation. In the event that the initial choice for your business fails to work out, you can rest assured that we will quickly and efficiently find you another outstanding candidate.


We are proud to support and uphold equal employment opportunity and non-discriminatory practices in all aspects of our process. We exert every effort to achieve the employment of fully-qualified individuals. This means we conduct searches which are in accordance with equal employment and we make respectful treatment of all candidates a priority. Our judgment and assessment of candidates are based on their experience and accomplishments as well as their ability to perform and the personal fit with our client organisations.


Not all candidate searches are fast, but we’re confident that our services will save your organisation time and provide better candidate options. Various aspects, such as uniquely specialised skills, are factored into each recruitment and search timeline. It is our commitment to align successfully with your business objectives by identifying and introducing candidates in a timely manner.


About their experience working with Elite Executive

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