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Posted By: Chris O'Sullivan | on September 3 2018

Being a Rookie Recruiter

Starting a new career as a Rookie Recruiter has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least.  However, as someone that relishes a challenge and is always looking for the next adventure, here I am.  I’ve been lucky enough to join Elite Executive, a recruitment agency specialising in executive placements.

In two months as a Rookie Recruiter, I’ve had three valuable insights.

My first insight, I’m humbled to have this opportunity.

To me being a Recruiter, is a privilege.  Establishing new relationships will make me better placed to understand businesses. Being able to work with an organisation to understand their needs to find them their perfect fit. I’m naturally inquisitive so I enjoy asking questions, and yes, listening.  Not to reply in order to show my knowledge but to understand so I can deliver the client the best possible result.

Giving opportunities to people and understanding their motivators in their own careers, working with them to find their ideal role.  A role that will affect their family and friends and often their happiness. That is a privilege.

Facilitating a career match, that could have a significant effect on an organisation and our region. That is a privilege.

I love hearing stories of people that constantly amaze me with the incredible things they do within a community. These are the people that I want to work with to find their next leader, they constantly leave me feeling humbled.

My second insight, comes from Richard Branson.

Seeing this quote, reminded me that it is a responsibility to be constantly treating people the way I’d like to be treated.  As I had learnt when I have been a job-seeker, I had bad experiences with agencies.  Those that don’t return phone calls, don’t look at all aspects of a person but only see skills on a piece of paper and hit a reply email within 2 minutes of submitting an application.

I will treat people with the respect they deserve, they are not just a ‘product’ for me, they are my reward for job satisfaction.

My third insight, not to be like others.

People often cite that having experience is of high importance, I agree with that on some level.  However, I think it’s also very beneficial to have a new fresh approach.  Sometimes bringing experience from a different industry can be refreshing.

Having a mindset to not look outside the box, but to dismantle the box and make it something better, for me is exciting.  I have had feedback that recruiters don’t listen to job briefs.  I will listen to what my clients say, in order to better understand their requirements and work with the best interests of everyone involved.

There will be many more insights for me to learn along the way, however working in a team that is supportive I know are always looking to point me in the right direction.  Always be learning.

I hope I get the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to hearing your story!


Michelle Traill

Executive Recruitment Consultant

Elite Executive


0424 169541

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