What We Do

Executive Recruitment

With a focus on senior/executive roles, we find the leader every business needs. Our existing relationships across key industries means Elite Executive simply know where to source the best talent for your business requirements. Deriving a full understanding of the customer allows us to tailor a recruitment solution accordingly.

All growing and thriving businesses and organisations need an effective leadership team to achieve optimal performance. The challenge of finding the right executives to fill these critical requirements is best achieved with the support of a company with an undeniable track record of recruiting top executives successfully and consistently.

Enabling Elite Executives’ success rate are the solid foundations of an effective recruitment process and our executive consultants who know where to find the best talent.

Our expertise puts us at the top of our field in executive recruitment.

Working together on an exclusive basis throughout the recruitment process will ensure we find a high performer and right fit for your business. Using the following methodology to source the right candidate. Our detailed process captures critical elements often overlooked with internal recruitment minimising organisational risk.

  • check_circle_outline Client Briefing
  • check_circle_outline Search Strategies
  • check_circle_outline Candidate Profiling
  • check_circle_outline Advertising Strategies
  • check_circle_outline Candidate Assessments
  • check_circle_outline Interviews and Evaluation
  • check_circle_outline Shortlisting
  • check_circle_outline Client Interviews
  • check_circle_outline Candidate Profiling
  • check_circle_outline Reference Checking
  • check_circle_outline Offers and Negotiation
  • check_circle_outline Post Recruitment Strategies

“All companies go through the usual cycle of employees coming and going over the years. Ultimately, you hope that they stay a few years before leaving and add value to the business along the way. But what about those times you have employed someone who ended up costing you money? Have you ever sat down and calculated what this ‘bad hire’ actually cost you in time and money?”

Tailored Recruitment Functions

Elite Executives recruitment expertise means we know our stuff. We understand that organisations and businesses come in all shapes and sizes and may only require partial activities that support a recruitment process. As each step of an end to end recruitment process is critical, you may require specific support to reduce risk and save costs to ensure you hire the right person the first time. Elite Executives expert’s consultants can assist you with any of the following:

  • check_circle_outline Advert writing
  • check_circle_outline Development of Position Descriptions
  • check_circle_outline Database search
  • check_circle_outline Advertising
  • check_circle_outline Resume screening
  • check_circle_outline Candidate phone screening
  • check_circle_outline Shortlisting
  • check_circle_outline Interviews
  • check_circle_outline Interview questions
  • check_circle_outline Reference checking
  • check_circle_outline Language Assessments
  • check_circle_outline Psychometric Assessments
  • check_circle_outline Background Checks
  • check_circle_outline Pre-employment Medical Assessments
  • check_circle_outline Communications to unsuccessful applicants
  • check_circle_outline Talent Management
  • check_circle_outline Performance Management


Through our contract recruitment solutions, clients can overcome peaks and troughs in a project’s lifecycle and provide access to qualified specialists that may be outside their network, simplifying management of individual contractors. Our experienced contracting specialists nurture an active and deep candidate network, which allows them to rapidly attract, source and access talent on demand.
Whether you have a seasonal recruitment need that requires a specialized skill-set, you need reinforcement during a busy period, or want to evaluate fit before making a longer-term commitment, our Temporary and Contract Recruitment solutions can quickly connect you with the talent you need to keep business moving forward.

To ensure that we meet the employment needs of all our clients, we offer flexible staffing solutions in many industries across all of our practice areas, including: short-term, long-term, consulting, temporary-to-full-time, per diem, and freelance/contract assignments.
Our temporary executive consultants work very closely with both our clients and candidates to understand the requirements of the role and ensure every professional that we submit has the skills and personal attributes needed to be successful.
Elite Executive can handle candidate onboarding and the ongoing process of managing time off, absences, compensation, and other assignment-related details over the length of the engagement. What ever your needs, we can deliver to suit.


This is where our relationship management skills and expertise come into play as Elite Executive works international networks, often bringing high level senior executives to Australia for key leadership roles.
Our goal is to be true advisors to our clients during all phases of a search. We strive always to exceed client expectations by providing a meaningful choice of candidates and a smooth and thorough process from the initial client meetings, through to our post recruitment strategies.
Investing in a global search strategy allows a deeper research and analysis of the market to target and access the top talent in alignment to your organisation. Our high calibre search consultants will improve your recruiting power by allowing your company to better understand the marketplace and the competitive landscape.
Sourcing methods include executive search, advertising, database selection, specialist national and international networks and customised talent bank. Our existing breadth of proficiency in comprehensive search means we are completely aligned on strategy and tactics required to get the best possible talent globally.


Talent mapping is the foundation of a successful recruitment strategy and Elite Executive works with clients to map out their talent requirements and attract the right people into their business.
Talent mapping can play an important role in your organisation’s larger talent management initiatives. It is a process that works to help determine future talent needs, assess the viability of your current staff to meet those needs, source high-potential players in your field for future recruitment, and develop a strategic plan to fill identified skills and talent gaps.
Essentially, it’s securing the right people in line to step into the next critical vacancy within your business. We deliver a smart strategy to ensure you can sustainably ascend your organisation to the top.


Offering a more affordable Human Resource solution to any business, Elite Executive offers a high standard of personalised Human Resource support allowing business’ to free up internal resources and focus on business as usual. Tailored to suit the business, Human Resource consultations ensure the business gets what they need, not what they don’t.


Striving for all candidates and clients to succeed, Elite Executive offers expert advice within the employment market. Our knowledge and expertise is happily shared whether it be resumes services, career advice, salary information or LinkedIn profile enhancing and interview preparation. Regardless of your needs, Elite Executive offer a range of career boosting services to put you at the top of the employment market.